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  • Blog Post: Get a Redfly for £20 off!

    Today only (if you order between 11am and 5pm) Expansys are offering the Celio Redfly Mobile Companion for £134.99 which is a saving of £20! You can order it from HERE
  • Blog Post: Nokia N97 - haven't we seen this before?

    I watched with interest to see what Nokia was launching yesterday . Surprisingly the N97 appeared... strangely this is being pitched as an iPhone competitor however I see it more a competitor to Windows Mobile and the HTC TyTn 2 or Sony Ericsson X1 I posted over a year ago about the N800 looking distinctly...
  • Blog Post: LG Incite now available

    AT&T have just made available the LG Incite Windows Mobile device.  This device has a Wide QVGA 240×400 display, a 3 megapixel camera and integrated GPS.   It is available for US$199.99 after a 2-year contract and US$100 mail-in rebate. You can get more details HERE
  • Blog Post: New Redfly products available!

      Celio Corp today unveiled two new Redfly devices : the REDFLY C7 and REDFLY C8N. The REDFLY series of products are Mobile Device Extenders that allow you to connect your Windows Mobile device to it and then take advantage of the larger keyboard and screen.  The REDFLY C7 is a new, more affordable...
  • Blog Post: Expansys have HTC Touch HD in Stock

    If you’ve been waiting for the HTC Touch HD then hurry to the Expansys online site as they have stock available now.  It’s available with a free 8GB MicroSD card and SIM free for only £524.99.  The device has a large 3.8” touch screen (iPhone has 3.5”) and is HSDPA/WCDMA, GPS and A-GPS ready...
  • Blog Post: Orange – Touch HD Coming Soon

    So it looks like the Touch HD will be coming via Orange as it’s just appeared on their website ! The Touch HD is in a similar form factor to the iPhone but comes packing a 5 megapixel camera!
  • Blog Post: Samsung i200 now available on Vodafone

    It’s great to see the Samsung i200 appear on the Vodafone Portfolio!  This device was previously limited to Orange but if you are a Vodafone customer you can now buy this Windows Mobile 6.1 device! You can get more details HERE
  • Blog Post: Samsung Epix Now Available

    The Samsung Epix has been available in Europe for a while now as the Samsung i780. It is now available in the US as the Samsung Epix device. It's different to the Samsung Blackjack as this device has a touchscreen and uses Windows Mobile Professional (instead of Standard). The navigation is really interesting...
  • Blog Post: HP launch two new Windows Mobile devices!

    Whilst I was on holiday HP launched two new Windows Mobile Devices. The HP Ipaq Voice Messenger and Data Messenger are both Windows Mobile 6.1 devices with GPS, WiFi, 3G and even a 3.1 megapixel camera. I've had the chance to play around with the HP Voice Messenger over the past few weeks and it really...
  • Blog Post: Device Diary

    This is a pretty cool idea championed by Chris Leckness of Mobilitysite fame.  Device Diary is a multiple author blog where Microsoft Mobile Device MVPs and Mobius Members can share with everyone what they are rolling with. With most of us changing to a different phone, netbook, UMPC, or other shiny...
  • Blog Post: MWg Zinc II device – a bargain !

    In this time of financial chaos it may be difficult to justify investing in an expensive device.  I spotted whilst surfing the Expansys site over the weekend this absolute bargain! It’s the MWg Zinc II device which is an incredibly powerful well specified Windows Mobile 6.1 device which you can...
  • Blog Post: Palm Treo Pro available on Vodafone Business

    The folks over at CoolSmartphone have discovered that the Palm Treo Pro has just appeared on the Vodafone Business Website. So if you are looking for a great QWERTY keyboard Windows Mobile device with integrated GPS and WiFi - this could be a great option! You can get more details HERE
  • Blog Post: HTC Touch HD - great images

    Arne over at TheUnwired has posted some great pictures of the HTC Touch HD for you to drool over.... I put one of them above but there are lots more! Check them out HERE
  • Blog Post: Sony Xperia X1 Hands on

    Paul (from Modaco ) and Matt (from tracyandmatt.co.uk ) posted a great video overview of the Sony X1 device to YouTube.  Definitely worth checking out if you are interested in this device!
  • Blog Post: HTC announce 3 new devices

    HTC have just announced three new devices! The three devices are the HTC Touch Viva , Touch 3G and Touch HD First up is the HTC Touch Viva which is similar to the original Touch device with Quadband and a 2 megapixel camera. Second device is the HTC Touch 3G device This is the innovation of the original...
  • Blog Post: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 to launch Sept 30th

    There has been a lot of speculation on the Internet about when this device would be available but Sony Ericsson have now confirmed that the device will launch Sept 30th in UK, Germany and Sweden! To start the countdown to the launch of Xperia™ X1, Sony Ericsson will host a live global webcast...
  • Blog Post: BenQ E72 Smartphone now even cheaper!

    Following my blog post about the great deal at Expansys on the BenQ E72 it looks like Expansys have gone one better by reducing the price to £79.99 tomorrow (Friday) for one day only! The offer is only available from 11am to 4pm UK time on the 12th September Check it out HERE
  • Blog Post: BENQ E72 for 100 pounds!

    If you are looking for a simple 12 key Windows Mobile 6 device (unfortunately not 6.1) then Expansys have a great deal right now on the BenQ E72 .  It’s available for just over £100 pounds!
  • Blog Post: Asus announce the P552w Windows Mobile device

    Asus have just announced the P552w Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional device. It looks a little like the HTC Touch and has it's own 'Gester' Technology built in. The staggering part is that it has a 624Mhz Processor in the device!! You can get more details on the device on their Press Release
  • Blog Post: HTC S740 Video

    Clove Technology have published a video which shows the new HTC S740 device!
  • Blog Post: 1 Week with the HTC Touch Pro

    The folks over at Coolsmartphone have compiled a series of 7 videos sharing their experiences with the new HTC Touch Pro device over a 1 week period. The videos and their extensive review is available HERE
  • Blog Post: XDA Ignito appears on O2 Website

    Good spot by CoolSmartphone who have noticed that the XDA Ignito (aka HTC Touch Diamond) is now available on the O2 Website in the UK. You can get more details HERE
  • Blog Post: HTC announce the S740 Device

    HTC today announced the S740 Windows Mobile device – this device is the next generation of CandyBar Smartphone from HTC.  It combines a 12 key keyboard with a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out. The device doesn’t have touch screen but it has a comprehensive specification: Processor Qualcomm®...
  • Blog Post: Palm Announce the Treo Pro Smartphone

    Palm today announced the new Treo Pro Smartphone!  I've had the pleasure of using this device (secretly) for the past few months and I really do like it!  The Treo Pro adds WiFi and GPS in a much sleeker form factor than both the 500 and 750 devices. It is also a Windows Mobile 6.1 professional...
  • Blog Post: HTC Touch Pro Unboxed

    Tracey and Matt's blog has got an excellent HTC Touch Pro unboxing video! Check it out above and get more details HERE
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