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March, 2005

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About Matusow's Blog

I've been at Microsoft since 1995, and have had the opportunity to work with some great people on hard problems. I spent two years doing field tech specialist work on infrastructure products and then moved to issue-based projects. I was the first full-time employee working on Y2K issues, then part of the Security Response Center, and then into a five-year project building up the Shared Source initiative and really focusing on OSS issues. For the past two years I have been focused on interoperability and standards.

Outside of work, my first love is my family. I know that sounds hackneyed, but it is true. Due to work, I don't get enough time with my wife and boys. My one personal indulgence is mountain biking, and I certainly don't do enough of that to be good at it. My most important contribution to science so far is a complete and total validation of the law of gravity. I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that it works every time.

As for my blog - it has opened the door for some absolutely great conversations with people I would never have come into contact with any other way. The issues that interest me the most are at the intersection of business, technology, policy, and intellectual property - so that is what I blog about. I am fascinated by the multitude of approaches that exist within the realm of the software community. I don't blog about my family, or what my cats are doing, or what is going on in my home town. This blog is 100% about work and it will stay that way.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments here.

- Jason

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    IronPython - response to comments

    I've had a few inquiries on the relationship of IronPython to Mono. Technically, IronPython is designed to run on any platform that implements the CLI specification v2.0. We would consider it a bug in IronPython if it didn’t run on a correct implementation...
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    At PyCon (a conference for Python developers) last week, Microsoft made an announcement regarding the project code named IronPython . Python is an open source dynamic language – for non-developers like me – dynamic languages enable developers to produce...
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    Source Access Direct Benefits?

    On Thursday last week I met with a delegation representing Eastern European members of the press (about 40 of them) at our facilities in Redmond . We talked through issues of source licensing and how they are perceived in their respective countries. One...
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    Shared Source Programs and EU Member States

    In Eastern Europe today, we announced the expansion of the Windows and Windows CE Premium Shared Source programs to Cyprus , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania , Malta , Slovakia , and Slovenia . The addition of these seven means that all European Union member...
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    Shared Source - More than Windows.

    Thanks for the feedback on the first posting with meat on the bones. I’m moderating the comments in an attempt to keep the spammers at bay – but I’m posting all comments, positive or negative to keep this a space of “open” thought. Sorry, couldn’t help...
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    More Open Than Open

    Today I sat on a panel with Matt Asay of Novell, Dan Frye of IBM and Tim Witham of the OSDL – three deep thinkers on the topic of OSS and people for whom I have a great deal of respect. We were speaking to an audience of CIOs in Portland , OR – my home...
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    Hello World

    For the past four years, my wife has wondered if I might not be the brightest bulb in the marquee as I have traveled the world representing Microsoft at open source conferences and events. Yet, as the Director of Shared Source for Microsoft, I have found...
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