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November, 2005

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About Matusow's Blog

I've been at Microsoft since 1995, and have had the opportunity to work with some great people on hard problems. I spent two years doing field tech specialist work on infrastructure products and then moved to issue-based projects. I was the first full-time employee working on Y2K issues, then part of the Security Response Center, and then into a five-year project building up the Shared Source initiative and really focusing on OSS issues. For the past two years I have been focused on interoperability and standards.

Outside of work, my first love is my family. I know that sounds hackneyed, but it is true. Due to work, I don't get enough time with my wife and boys. My one personal indulgence is mountain biking, and I certainly don't do enough of that to be good at it. My most important contribution to science so far is a complete and total validation of the law of gravity. I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that it works every time.

As for my blog - it has opened the door for some absolutely great conversations with people I would never have come into contact with any other way. The issues that interest me the most are at the intersection of business, technology, policy, and intellectual property - so that is what I blog about. I am fascinated by the multitude of approaches that exist within the realm of the software community. I don't blog about my family, or what my cats are doing, or what is going on in my home town. This blog is 100% about work and it will stay that way.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments here.

- Jason

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    Updated the post - the link to the pictures at the end should be fixed. (That's what you get for setting up something in 3 minutes from O'Hare between flights.) Also putting in a great comment I got privately by someone who asks to remain annonymous....
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    Office Docs and Open

    Today Microsoft announced the intent to submit the Office "12" XML file formats to Ecma International to become an open standard. I'm guessing there might be more than 5 articles written about it and maybe even a few bloggers will post. Is it really worth...
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    Software In My Car

    A few weeks ago I picked up a brand new Toyata Prius. The nerd in me loves this thing and I have been very pleased about my visits to the gas station. Nine gallons is getting me around 385 miles and then I go and spend a whopping $17 at the gas station...
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    New Shared Source Release - MBS Solomon

    Once again my friend Matt Asay is putting on a strong show at OSBC East . The OSBC conferences have been interesting to me because of their focus on those that are building businesses around OSS . In my keynote on Wed. this week I will be taking a look...
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    Wild World of Slashdot

    My OSBC keynote seems to have kicked off an interesting discussion on Slashdot . Overall the discussion is erudite and going in some interesting directions. It is pretty obvious that the simple fact that I work for Microsoft has colored the impression...
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