This is from my old world in Shared Source. Great news from Nenad Stefanovic, the project lead for the Windows Template Library project. On Dec. 8 he released 7.5 and the bits are available. They are now working on 8.0.  Congratulations Nenad and WTL community!!! project

Final build download

Here is a list of the improvements from Nenad:

  • Added support for VisualStudio 2005 - both desktop and Windows CE
  • Added App Wizard for VS2005, both desktop and SmartDevice projects
  • Classes for icons, cursors, accelerator tables
  • Classes for sorte ListView controls
  • Classes to support Wizard97
  • Classes for memory DCs and double-buffer painting
  • New Windows CE specific classes
  • Scrolling classes - scroll container and zoom scroll window
  • New samples: WTLExplorer, ImageView, SPControls