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June, 2007

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About Matusow's Blog

I've been at Microsoft since 1995, and have had the opportunity to work with some great people on hard problems. I spent two years doing field tech specialist work on infrastructure products and then moved to issue-based projects. I was the first full-time employee working on Y2K issues, then part of the Security Response Center, and then into a five-year project building up the Shared Source initiative and really focusing on OSS issues. For the past two years I have been focused on interoperability and standards.

Outside of work, my first love is my family. I know that sounds hackneyed, but it is true. Due to work, I don't get enough time with my wife and boys. My one personal indulgence is mountain biking, and I certainly don't do enough of that to be good at it. My most important contribution to science so far is a complete and total validation of the law of gravity. I have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that it works every time.

As for my blog - it has opened the door for some absolutely great conversations with people I would never have come into contact with any other way. The issues that interest me the most are at the intersection of business, technology, policy, and intellectual property - so that is what I blog about. I am fascinated by the multitude of approaches that exist within the realm of the software community. I don't blog about my family, or what my cats are doing, or what is going on in my home town. This blog is 100% about work and it will stay that way.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments here.

- Jason

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    Open XML and ODF - What Do You Want To Encourage

    I have been traveling through Europe this week talking to people about interop generally, and with many people about Open XML. I am really encouraged by what I'm hearing from people as they think about the role of formats in the broader discussions of...
  • Matusow's Blog

    Denmark Says ODF and Open XML Ok

    In one of the most thorough and intensive periods of scrutiny for any type of standard, the Danish government has decided to make both ODF and Open XML document formats mandatory as of Jan. 1, 2008. While I still believe that mandated standards are not...
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    .NET / J2 Interoperability

    Nice piece written about a guy who has done an interesting piece of work here at MS. Greg showed part of this work at the Interop Las Vegas keynote that one of execs did - and it was received well. If you are interested, the place to go is here to...
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    Instructions For Insulting Me

    Given that I tend to blog about contentious issues in the software industry, and that I work for Microsoft, it seems that I frequently draw the ire of some of my readers. To the extent that you wish to insult me, I now insist that you use this tool to...
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    Two Interesting Posts

    A quick note for a beautiful Friday afternoon. 1) Check out the news that Tom Hanrahan has joined MS and is going to be working on Linux / Windows Interoperability. This is a great thing for our customers. We have been saying for the past year that...
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    Identity Interop - Nice Post From Macehiter

    I'd like to point out a nice post from Neil Macehiter of MWD in Europe. He is an industry analyst I've spoken with a few times and it would seem he is a close follower of the Identity Metasystem space. Kim and Mike are doing great work on Identity...
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    Java Dev for Open XML

    A common concern raised by the opponents to the standardization work we're involved in for Open XML has been the idea that there is no way to independently manipulate the documents outside of Microsoft Office. We have been saying that is not the case...
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