I thought it would be good to post a quick link to the brief statement that Ecma posted regarding the disposition of comments on the road to the BRM. The statement is brief enough that I will simply quote it here in its entirety:

Ecma Office Open XML File Format comment review - logo_topOnline portal to facilitate disposition of comments on ISO/IEC DIS 29500 ballots

Ecma TC45 is maintaining active involvement leading up to the ballot resolution meeting February 25–29 by supporting the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 Editor, Rex Jaeschke, who has been tasked with producing a proposed disposition of all comments received during the ballot period.

The final Proposed Disposition of Comments document is due to Ballot Resolution Meeting delegates by January 14, 2008. In order to facilitate National Bodies review and consideration of the disposition of comments, Ecma has built and will maintain a web portal that hosts current drafts of the proposed dispositions which may become improvements to the specification. This portal located here will be accessible by National Body members only and will be updated by the Project Editor with new dispositions on a regular basis. Ecma has taken the additional step of offering a communication channel where National Bodies may send feedback to the proposed dispositions of their comments and dialogue with the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 Editor.

We look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with the ISO, IEC, and ISO/IEC JTC 1 National Body members for the betterment of the Ecma Office Open XML File Formats Standard.

Dr. Istvan Sebestyen
Secretary General of Ecma International.

Rex has a big task ahead of him, and he is working well with TC45 as they meet the commitment to produce a proposed disposition of all comments. The steps outlined in this letter are being taken within the ISO/IEC guidelines to establish clear communication channels for the National Bodies. I think the most important comment in this statement is that the portal will be updated on a regular basis with new proposed dispositions. It is important that the National Bodies have more time than the minimum required by the rules to consider the proposals. The minimum established by the rules would be the delivery of the final proposed dispositions document just a few weeks before the BRM.