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February, 2004

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    MS Australia taking security on the road in March

    The Australian subsidiary of Microsoft, Microsoft Australia Pty. Ltd . is taking development and infrastructure security seminars to the street with a national tour in March. If you are in Australia and would like to attend one of the day long free...
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    Infopath 2003 toolkit for VS.NET

    Finally we can fire up an IDE to develop managed code with those nifty XML based InfoPath forms. MS has posted a toolkit in their download area so that you can use C# or VB.NET to develop InfoPath based solutions. Very handy. Here's the official overview...
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    Checked out SQL Notification Services?

    Well the feedback I've had to date has been that this is a technical site so keep it mostly techinical.... To that end, you've probably all heard about SQL Reporting services - the report writer that can be scheduled to run as a SQL job and scale to...
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    .NET Framework et. al. Posters!

    A very technical post for you all, some time ago we posted to MSDN some wonderful, print ready posters that detail the .NET Framework classes - amongst other things. They seem to have been lost in the “noise” so check ‘em out here ....
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    Too personal?

    I’ve received some good feedback from some of the followers on this blog site. Perhaps this isn’t the best forum for discussing my personal issues. I thought you’d all like to hear about something other than technical news/issues and...
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