As originally posted by my wonderful boss, Frank Arrigo, MS Australia is rolling out smart client training seminars around the major capitals, starting this month.

Free!!!  I've had a bugger of a flu this week, starting on Easter Saturday too of all times. Just when we get 4 straight days off I get sick. Seems most of the Melbourne and Sydney offices have the bug so I don't feel alone. It's my birthday this Sunday too! Yay for me.

The Adelaide training occurred this week, the remaining cities are:

Dates and Locations

  • Brisbane, 20 and 21 April
  • Perth, 29 and 30 April
  • Melbourne, 10 and11 May
  • Sydney, 13 and 14 May
  • Canberra,  20 and 21 May


Day One

  1. Keynote / Explanation of concept
  2. ADO.NET
  3. Building and Consuming Web Services
  4. Leveraging the .NET Framework for Smart Clients
  5. Ink-Enabling Smart Client Apps

Day Two

  1. Deploying Smart Client Apps
  2. Building Pocket PC Apps
  3. Building Solutions with Infopath
  4. Building a Research Web Service
  5. Visual Studio Tools for the MS Office System

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