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September, 2004

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    MS TimeZone: Another useful/less utility

    Working for an international company like Microsoft means I am often time zone challenged. I decided I needed the magic of software to help me overcome these difficulties and was surprised to find we make one of own multi-time zone clock applications...
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    IIS6.0 Server performance tool download

    I came across this server performance tool in the "MS This Week" email that I’m sure some of you get and mostly delete! Here’s a blurb on the free download (for IIS6.0 only – so no XP or Win2K!) Service Performance Advisor is a server performance diagnostic...
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    VB at the Movies - VB skills update via downloadable movies

    My buddy and boss Frank Arrigo pointed out some online VB TV feature snippets that you may find useful. It’s called VB at the Movies and the web site has 101 filmed screen shots of new VB .NET technologies, predominantly aimed at VB6 programmers and those...
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    DevDays 2004 US Content available

    One of the premier events for developers apart from the PDC is DevDays. The content and video streams of the sessions from this years US based DevDays has been made available to all and sundry at this web site. Tracks include Web Developer and Smart Client...
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    Update on portal and data in SOA article

    Thanks for all the responses to my previous “ illicit ” request for help. Most of the replies were about the use (or mis-use) of the word illicit which I found pretty funny I must say. I’ll be sure to make similar blunders in future to keep you all on...
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