Thanks for all the responses to my previous “illicit” request for help. Most of the replies were about the use (or mis-use) of the word illicit which I found pretty funny I must say. I’ll be sure to make similar blunders in future to keep you all on you toes. We are still collecting requirements for the portal and this will have more flesh by mid-September. I’ll be beta testing with a few close partners and customers of ours to iron out the wrinkles. I’ll be travelling to Sydney to work with Andrew Coates from our team in a couple of weeks to pull together a plan and requirements definition – then hand over to our DNN experts to paste it all together.


In the meantime, you should cast your eyes over a recently published article by our data in SOA demi-god, Pat Helland. The article was posted here today and is quite a deep dive in to the topic of data within an SOA world, as well as a good SOA primer. Highly recommended – well done Pat.