Well I was shocked to find I hadn’t posted to my blog for aaaages – bad me. The Australian DPE team in conjunction with some of our MVP’s, RD’s and partners delivered the Whidbey (VS 2005) Ascend (early adopter stage 2) training (I think you know what that is!) this month. The feedback was very positive and those on the Ascend program walked away with a good deal of content to ready themselves for developing their application on V2.0 of the .NET Framework.


My boss Frank Arrigo is back at work and from all reports in very good health which is excellent news. The Melbourne Cup’s been run and won and the spring carnival silly season has pretty much come to an end. I love this time of year in Melbourne.


To continue the rather random tit-bit discovery I've provided you with in the past, today I came across a very interesting site. Our Windows Server product team has created a feedback mechanism (read web site) so that your valuable ideas and feedback about Windows Server can be incorporated into future releases of the product. If you’ve got a suggestion or irritation then check out this site. It’s secure and confidential. I’ve heard you’ll get a personal response from the team and it helps us make a better product. Hopefully the success of this site will encourgae a similar trend amongst the other product groups.