I've just finished downloading and running the beta of our new AntiSpyware software. The software scans your machine, installls agents to monitor your machine and removes any discovered threats.  I must say I was pretty impressed with the interface and functionality but dismayed to discover 5 spyware threats on my main work machine. I thought I was such a good internet citizen too. Read all about it and download from here.

An interesting feature is the option to participate in active monitoring/alerting of new SpyWare threats between a distributed peer-based network called SpyNet. It sends secure messages to clients about new SpyWare threats that are detected. Very interesting.

And if you're interested, the detected SpyWare threats on my machine were :

  1. Aureate - Spyware (was known as Radicate)
  2. Aureate Group Mail - Adware
  3. Claria - Adware
  4. GAIN - Adware
  5. WinPCap - Potential enabler for other spyware apps

Of these, I'd only ever heard of GAIN.