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March, 2005

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    MSDN Targeted download newsletter

    I went to an interesting talk on eMarketing here last week and was stunned to here of the growth rate of our MSDN targeted download notfifcation service. I must confess to have seeing it on the web site but ignoring it. Basically, rahter than checking...
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    A bit more about my new role

    Well, I’m into my third week here at Redmond . It’s been quite a buzz to date I can tell you. I’ve had two pretty urgent projects fall on my desk from day 1 and I’m grateful for being an international transfer rather than a new starter to Microsoft because...
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    Redmond calling

    The sunny shores of Lake Washington have welcomed me with open arms - no really - it's been quite good weather here and the sun has been out more often than not. The locals think they're in a drought as they only had 4 days of rainf or all of February...
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