The sunny shores of Lake Washington have welcomed me with open arms - no really - it's been quite good weather here and the sun has been out more often than not. The locals think they're in a drought as they only had 4 days of rainf or all of February! I arrived safely last week after what can only be described as a 20 hour transit in economy. ‘Nuff said about that.


I took last week off as leave from MS Australia as the leave I had accrued wouldn’t transfer over in it’s entirety and I wanted to take some time off before starting here to get my bearings and scope out the area. Seattle has some very nice areas, especially Pioneer Square, Captiol Hill and the Public Market at Pike St. I had fun walking all over town. I think I’ll be settling in the downtown area if I can find something affordable though. It seems the closest to shops, bars and restaurants. The commute to campus is notoriously bad but I must say the drive in this morning in the Toyota Camry rental was no slower than the runs I had done on the weekend (about 25-30mins).


I haven’t sunk my teeth into work too much today as I had NEO – New Employee Orientation. Even though I’d been 5.5 years with MS Australia, the process here dictates you need to attend the corp. based orientation. So me and 40 or so others listened to all presentations on the resources available and other HR related details.


I had a lunch one on one meeting with Prashant my new boss. He’s a smart, fast paced guy and I think we’ll work well together. There are some immediate action items for me so tomorrow will be boots and all work.

Hope you are all well. Oh here’s some work related stuff for the gaming fans (like me) out there. We announced that XNA Studio and our upcoming Visual Studio Team System would be made available together for game developer houses. Exciting stuff.