Well, I’m into my third week here at Redmond. It’s been quite a buzz to date I can tell you. I’ve had two pretty urgent projects fall on my desk from day 1 and I’m grateful for being an international transfer rather than a new starter to Microsoft because I would’ve sunk for sure. As it was, the innate swimming reflex (well more of a dog paddle really) took hold and I’ve managed to hold my head above water. I’m working on organizing a developer lab for our Visual Studio Industry Partners in April and a poster. All the while, I’ve got to go deep on the Visual Studio SDK and the extensibility points of Visual Studio as a whole.


The people have been very bright, fun and supportive. Everybody’s getting excited about Beta 2 of Visual Studio and counting down to when the release team gives the final blessing on the bits. The weather’s been quite nice – I’m told we’re in a drought. The commute into town can be very busy but generally flows well. There’s a bridge over Lake Washington that most city dwellers from MS travel over. It’s part of a highway called “the 520” and closes down to just two lanes east and west bound at the bridge. There’s not emergency lane so the slightest altercation (which happens often as everybody gazes at the beautiful view across the lake) can have traffic banked up for over an hour as emergency vehicles and tow trucks descend.


I’m currently installing the SDK and will be going through some samples the team develop to get up to speed with the different ways it can be extended. Then I’ve Tech-Ed materials to get ready and the dev lab in April to focus on. Busy, busy.