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November, 2004

  • Jason Zander's blog

    New WinXP enabled version of Avalon up on MSDN

    The Avalon team has dropped a new Customer Technology Preview (CTP) release that is now enabled to run on XP and above . This version runs on Whidbey Beta 2 (build 2.0.40607.51), which is older than the most recent Whidbey CTP (released in October). Those...
  • Jason Zander's blog

    How much power is too much?

    In the second section of the Channel 9 tour videos , Rico Mariani talks about performance and I once again butcher his last name (I once made the same mistake at a BillG review, sorry man <sigh>; it's pronounced "Mary-annie", got it now <g>...
  • Jason Zander's blog

    CLR Walkabout with Scoble on Channel 9

    I recently took the Channel 9 folks on a Walkabout during the beta 2 zero bug bounce push period. We visited with various folks in the middle of Beta 2 lock down. There are 3 segments to the tour, and two more in my office comming up. Enjoy...
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