We're gearing up for another round of summer internships on the CLR team and I'm looking for more candidates.  We have openings for dev, test, and PM, covering a wide range of topics from:

  • IronPython and Dynamic Languages
  • Rotor (SSCLI)
  • New class library support
  • Code coverage/analysis tools
  • CLR Profiler and WinFX performance work
  • And whole lotta low level bit tweaking geek heaven in the engine

Qualified candidates should be finishing their second or higher year of advanced studies (university level).  Programming skills are a must, but you don't have to be a Computer Science grad (some of our best programmers are mathematics and physics majors).  Strong analytical skills are also a must.  Experience working on runtimes or compilers is very helpful, but not a strict requirement.  Competition is high, so expect to have a GPA in the 3.5+ (4.0 scale) range.  For more details on Microsoft's internship programs, read this internship FAQ.

If you meet the criteria, please contact me through this blog and send me your resume!


Note: for those folks already in the work force, there are two links of interest: