I've had a number of queries on how to get started with Silverlight after my talk in NYC on Monday.  The best place to get going is the www.silverlight.net site.  There is a wealth of information up there including partner show cases, downloads for the software (runtime and tools), samples, etc.

If you want to play with the show cases, start on the main site and click the "See More..." link:


This will give you the full show case:


You can select any item (like the Fantastic Four or Halo HD vidoes) then click the "See It" button to activet he content.

The next place to go is the "GET STARTED" link on the top of the page which gives you step by step instructions for downloading all of the software I showed (runtime, VS add-on, preview Expression, etc):


Finally there are a ton of code samples you can download under the "LEARN" and "COMMUNITY" links at the top of the page.  You can build up a lot of experience with just these steps.  We also have a great deal of material out there in blogs.