Today in the TechEd Developers Keynote in Barcelona we announced a number of new features we haven't talked about yet in Visual Studio 2010.  In the keynote, I spent most of my time in the tools and little on the slides (pretty common in Developer Division <g>).  I've include a basic overview of the key features covered in the keynote below.

In addition to the keynote coverage, we have also recorded an extensive set of videos for Channel 9 covering the features of VS2010.  You can find these videos on the home page for Visual Studio on Channel 9 here.  I have an overview session including some demos here:


You can also download the CTP bits here:


We definitely want to hear your feedback.  Enjoy!

Visual Studio Team System

  • Discover how your code is structured using the Architecture Explorer which walks your entire dependency map and gives you a graph of the entire system
  • Build UML Sequence Diagrams of your core code
  • Eliminate the 'no repro' scenario by including video of testing steps as well as historical debugging (debug after the fact)
  • The new VSTS "Lab Management" produce which allows you to provision virtual instances of your environment and recover them for repro scenarios

SharePoint Tools

  • VS2010 has support for building SharePoint projects
  • You can create imports from wsp, add event receivers, and workflow parts
  • A visual designer is included to author parts using WSYWIG
  • A new deployment explorer allows you to build up your deployment packages
  • F5 just works!

Code Focused Features

  • With VS2010 we have built in core editing and discovery features so you can do refactoring right out of the box and use test driven style development
  • Quick Search allows for easy searching across projects
  • Easy discovery of the call hierarchies

WPF Editor Features

  • We've rebuilt a new editor in VS2010 which allows you write advanced features including rich interactive graphics
  • We're using the new MEF feature of .NET 4 which allows for extensible add-ins without installation.  Just xcopy and go!

New Web Features

  • VS2010 will have built-in support for the new MVC framework
  • Inclusion of the JQuery library including intellisense support
  • New deployment helpers that include adding transforms for your web.config to avoid errors

C++ and MFC Features

  • The new C++ product has support for making large projects scalable in the system with easy incremental build
  • Support for code focused features including Quick Search and fast / reliable call hierarchy support
  • Support for lambda's
  • We wrapped up the demo by turning the class Pong MFC app into a parallel ray tracing algorithm with a Ribbon!