One of the fun things I used to do while running the CLR team was help pick out the final design for our t-shirts (not that picking out code generation strategies wasn’t also fun).  Fortunately Sonja Keserovic on our team is a master at designing awesome shirts (while not doing her day job designing engines and languages).  She just sent me the “best of” shirts from over the years:

Sonja's TShirts 1

“Enter the Core”

You’ll notice a big movie inspiration in the designs.  The matrix style green text is actually the MSIL for “Hello World” run through ildasm.  You can read through the PE file header and string table in addition to the IL instructions themselves.

Sonja's TShirts 7

“Roll Call”

Always the analytical bunch, this shirt has every email name for everyone on the team. Colors denote discipline (I’m white for ‘pointy hair’), font size denotes how long you’d been on the CLR team.  The island behind the front logo is Whidbey island, the code name for V2.0.

Sonja's TShirts 4

“One Runtime to Run them All”

Around the time of LOTR, this text that makes up the ring is actually the source control root for every Microsoft project using the CLR at the time (with a nice Elvish style font).

Sonja's TShirts 5

“Don’t Panic”

The final build number for the V2.0 product was V2.0.50727.42, just around the time the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie came out.  Did I mention we like geeky stuff?

Sonja is now a SDE on the languages team in VS and is creating an awesome new VS design involving pi calculus, can’t wait to see it!