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Wal-Mart supply chain goes real time!

Wal-Mart supply chain goes real time!

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Wal-Mart has gone live at a handful of stores with RFID and plans to roll out to some 140 stores in Feb. This is good news. Wal-Mart is using RFID to reduce stock outs in the stores, knowing what exactly left the back room to the floor and using the POS data to understand what has been sold, they can deduce the stock availability on the shelves without smart shelves or item tags...neat!

What is more exciting is they report a 98% read rate, wow!! more

Microsoft recently announced its success on Wal-Mart compliance project more

Wal-Mart is sharing real time data with the suppliers through Retail Link, they will know within 30 mts when their product is put on the shelf. The suppliers can use the data to imprve their visibility but do they have systems to analyze this data and drive decisions. I would love to hear from a supplier who is using this data and driving efficiencies or improving service levels with lesser inventories

  • Sharing data with suppliers? More like shoving it down their throat and telling them to optimize their supply chains or they'll find someone else that will.
  • I read all this on zombiewire and rfid news,
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