Hey, welcome to my blog.  Every blogger has a first blog entry, and this is mine.  Some bloggers have a second blog entry, and I hope that includes me.  We'll see...

I work at Microsoft, as a developer on the Visual C# IDE team.  We do all kinds of cool stuff, like:

  • Autocomplete - hit '.' and a list of members comes up
  • Parameter help - write a method call and a tooltip shows you the parameters
  • colorization - keywords are blue, etc.
  • implement interface - write an interface name into the bases-and-interfaces specifcation of a type, hit TAB, and we stubs for methods in the interface

This is all in Visual Studio 2002.  But I'm much more exited about all the awesome stuff that we're working on for the next version of Visual Studio (codename: Whidbey).  I'll talk more about them in later entries. 

I like to hang out on IRC, in Undernet's #C#.  Drop by & say 'hi' sometime.