This has nothing to do with C#, but maybe you'll find it interesting.

I'm a geek.  I know this, because the definition of geek is “someone who pays someone to mow their grass but wires their own house for Ethernet.” 

I've pulled Cat 5 from my “server room” to various places around the house.  It's quoted because it's also a junk storage room and a cat room.  I get 0.125% of the floor space for computer stuff.

The Cat5 goes though the all to the outside, and is then stapled to the siding with insulated staples.  It goes to the study, the kitchen, the “media room”, and the bedroom. 

Again with the quotes.  Well, I mentioned to the guys at work that we were painting the media room (no quotes).  They say, “Oh, in black?”.  Hmm, no it's the color of butter.  I thought I was sharing the room with my son's toys, but apparently he's sharing it with me. 

In the kitchen I have an MP3 player which is nice when I'm doing dishes.  In the “media room” there's an HTPC, a Virgin Webplayer, and a wireless hub that lets me get online with my work laptop.  Am I sick because I have 3 computers in my living room?

The study has a hub and 3 computers: one for Everquest, one for doing work while I play Everquest, and one for my wife. 

The bedroom has a small hole in the wall where the ethernet port will go if I ever get around to it.  An old PC sits in front of the hole so it isn't an eyesore.  I haven't thought of a good use for a bedroom PC yet (keep it clean, folks), which is why I haven't gone any further on this project.  It need to be dead quiet, too.

The server room has an old Dell acting as domain controller, file server, and music server to the MP3 player in the kitchen.

Misc: A central phone system opens up VoIP possibilities.  DSL is my net connection.  A UPS keeps my EQ session going.

I count 8 nodes on my network.  How many do you have?