Have you heard?  Microsoft has decided to start publicly dropping Visual Studio Whidbey builds on a regular basis.  That means we'll regularly just grab a build of the product and publish it. 

Cool, huh? I think this is totally awesome.  (Dude!)

This is a pretty new idea for Microsoft, but I come from a Linux background and know how valuable this can be.  It's an opportunity for you to see where we're going, and to provide feedback about what you see.

It's different from an alpha or beta in two major ways. 
 1. You never know what will be broken, since the stabilization process is much shorter.
 2. You get to see what we've done very recently, sicne the stabilization process is much shorter.
There are a bunch more disclaimers.  Watch the official site for details.

It also gives me the opportunity to discuss what we're doing in more detail.  If you've seen the latest, then we have a common experience to build on.

I'm definitely interested in hearing about thoughts on the C# editor as you see it in the Tech Previews.  Maybe on your blog?  I'd publish my email address here, but I'm afraid of getting more spam.  Any suggestions?

My toddler son was pretty excited, too, and typed this:

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