This entry is a departure from my other entries, in that it has 0 to do with computers.  Please comment on whether you liked it or not.

I've just completed the SailNOW! program at the Center for Wooden Boats.  I've been wanting to sail for about 8 years, and I'm glad I finally did it. 

I'm really glad I went to CWB.  In 5 classes I had 5 different instructors.  In boating, it seems that everyone does it differently, and everyone certainly teaches differently.

The class description talks about training on various boats.  That didn't happen for me, though.  I had 4 lessons on a Blanchard, and 1 on the Petrel.  I understand why: the Blanchards are very forgiving; easy for newbies to get comfortable in.

Everyone asks if I'm going to buy a boat now.  No way!  The best boat is someone else's.  Wooden boats are notiously time consuming to maintain, and I'm glad that CWB has people who do that already.  I can just pay my $20 and go. 

I now know what I'm doing with friends & family come to town for a visit. 

So what's next?  Sloop-a-palooza looks interesting.  

The CWB founder made some noise about becoming an instructor - he said they like it when SailNOW! graduages do that.  My Yoga instructor said that there are 3 steps to learning something: observation, practice, teaching.  If you read this and take the course some day, maybe you'll have me as an instructor.  Who knows?