If you want to user Windows Terminal Services, Microsoft says you need a server OS.  Seems like overkill.

I don't need my Windows XP-based email machine to support 500 concurrent users.  I shouldn't need a licensing server & a $1500 OS.

Here's what I really want Windows XP TS to do:

  • Let me TS from the console to localhost, and get a second session.
  • Let me TS in remotely to my machine, and select either the console or a second session.

I can almost do this with Fast User Switching, but I'm on a domain.

If I had this, I could keep Administrator logged in to the second session, and myself (User) in the console.  Minimal hassle.

While I'm at it, let the second session shadow the console, and vice versa. The Remote Assistance experience is very painful.