Today one of my tasks is to state my goals for the coming year. 

I did something unusual today.  I showed my goal list to the people who work for me, and asked them for feedback.  This is an opportunity for them to say what we should be working on as a team, and what I should be doing as their manager.

I want to carry it a step further.  I want your input on my goals.  You can say what you want me to be working on over the next year, which should have a big impact on your experience with Visual Studio and with Microsoft.

Here's what I'm working with so far:

  • Drive developer satisfaction with C#
  • Drive the team to meet stated goals & deliver Whidbey
  • Track & report status & progress of the team
  • Develop a culture of energy, productivity, and learning on the team
  • Drive dogfooding prepare a roadmap for writing the C# compiler/IDE in C#