All too often, I send an email and regret it a moment later.

Maybe I bumped into Send before I was ready. Maybe I wrote something mean & nasty, and want to rephrase to something more constructive. Maybe I think of a better way to make my point.

With these steps, Outlook will keep my message in the Outbox for a few minutes. When I change my mind, I can go there and modify the message.

  1. Tools.Rules and Alerts

  2. New Rule

  3. Start from a Blank Rule
  4. Check Messages before Sending
  5. Next

  6. (don't check any conditions)
  7. Next
    • Yes, apply to every rule

  8. Check "defer delivery by a number of minutes" (the last checkbox)
  9. Click on "a number of".
    1. 3
    2. OK
  10. Next

  11. (don't check any exceptions)
  12. Next

  13. Supply name if you like.
  14. Finish