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December, 2004

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    Performance of 'for' vs. 'foreach'

    I saw someone ask if 'for' or 'foreach' is faster. I was surprised. My code is often slow when I first write it, but it's never something that could have been fixed by a microoptimization like that. So I wrote this: In my code, I find that the most important...
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    New job opening in C#

    We just got a new position opened in the C# team. It has been open all week, but we finally got all the known issues worked out this morning. I'm excited about it because it's a position on my team. You have been warned. I'm looking for someone pretty...
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    Moderation enabled

    Spammers have been hitting heavily in the last few days. I've enabled "moderation" which means your comments don't appear until I approve them. Hopefully I can turn it off soon.
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    What if Garbage Collection was like Garbage Collection?

    Every Thursday morning at 6:00am, the garbage truck stops in front of your house. A scruffy man in an orange jumpsuit steps down, walks up to your front door, and lets himself in. He walks around the house, picking up each item you own, and asks, "Are...
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    Updated: jobs on the C# team

    We continue to hire in to the C# team. Here's the list of currently open positions: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/jobs If you'd like to talk about jobs in C#, but nothing in that list suits you, don't let that stop you! Drop me a mail & tell me...
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    C# chat tomorrow

    We're hosting a chat on the C# IDE tomorrow. See Scott's post for more info. Anything that affects how you read & modify code is fair game. My day is pretty full, but I will do my best to be there, because this is (obviously) my favorite area of the...
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