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January, 2005

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    Cutting "crashdump" support from the Visual Studio Debugger

    Scott writes about the proposal to cut crashdump support . Let him know what you think. Personally, I think we should be much more aggressive with culling features, as we also add new ones. You end up with a cleaner product that is a better fit.
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    What I'm doing these days

    Gee, this blog has been pretty quiet. Why? Could I have lost interest in the connection with all the C# developers in the world? No! My responsibilities have drifted somewhat, to areas that make less sense to blog about. Dev Lead I'm the development lead...
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    Thoughts on bit fields.

    In C there is a long tradition of using bit fields to store a collection of boolean values: enum { TF_KEYWORD = 0x0001, TF_MEMBER = 0x0002, TF_IDENTIFIER = 0x0004, TF_STRINGLITERAL = 0x0008, TF_CHARACTERLITERAL = 0x0010, } TOKENFLAGS; DWORD dwTokenFlags...
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