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August, 2005

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    Are we ready to ship VS?

    There was an interesting Ladybug issue suggesting that we release a Beta 3 & slip VS 2005. This is a politically sensitive issue. It has generated some press , so I want to be careful about what I say here. I'm very glad that Clint took the...
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    Presenting at Shiproom

    Today I got to present a bug in Developer Division shiproom. I haven't gotten to present since Beta 2, as ScottNo has being doing it for C# all this time. He's doing a fine job, but I get a real rush out of it. I like the feeling of having all the answers...
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    The new Shiproom

    For Whdibey Beta 2, I took on a new responsibility, called the "shiproom" role. There's a couple different parts to it: - Along with reps from QA & PM, we consider every C# PU bug. (PU=Product Unit. The C# Product Unit is responsible for the Visual...
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    C# chats coming up

    11 August: C# language. 25 August: C# IDE. (This is what my team does) See the C# chat page for more info. I probably won't be there, because my hands are full with Shiproom .
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    Instant Messaging silliness

    Kevin was working from his home on Mercer island this afternoon. We were using Microsoft Office Communicator to talk about a bug. This bug was particularly annoying: there were Watson reports indicating that it was getting hit at a lab at Microsoft, presumably...
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