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October, 2007

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    How to make a bootable USB flash drive

    This can be useful with Windows Home Server in a number of ways. - If you are building your own WHS in a small case, and don't have a DVD drive, you can transfer the WHS software to a USB flash drive of WHS to install from. - If you are building...
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    My Windows Home Server

    I built my own Windows Home Server box. You can buy some decent pre-built units, but I wanted to build my own. I wanted a small, quiet, low-power device. I was willing to compromise on performance & capacity to get it. I decided that my collection...
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    Windows Home Server on a virtual machine

    Here at Microsoft, when we talk about Windows Home Server, one of the things that comes up pretty often is a question about hosting WHS in a virtual machine under Virtual Server. Most often people want this because they already have one always-on machine...
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