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  • Blog Post: Absolutely, positively, no Edit and Continue

    See Soma 's announcement . VS 2005 supports Edit and Continue for C#. You asked for it, again and again. So we did it. It took a heroic effort by the developers, testers, and program managers in C# to make this happen. Enjoy.
  • Blog Post: An update on C# Edit and Continue

    There has been a lot of discussion, both here and on Andy's blog about C# E&C. Some folks really want it badly. So, I figure you deserve an update on its status. At the last PDC, we got a lot of strong feedback along the lines of “We understand why you selected Refactoring over E&C,...
  • Blog Post: E&C Category added

    If you're bored on a Friday night, what better to do than read my blog? Especially exciting and insightful ones about C# Edit and Continue ? I'm really posting to tell you that I made an E&C Category.
  • Blog Post: Edit and Continue vs. Elvis

    Continuing on a theme, today we talk about Elivs and E&C. We don't have a good way of measuring how Elvis uses E&C, since C# has never had the feature in a released product. So, what I say here is even more likely to be wrong than normal. Elvis likes good code, but knows that by the end of...
  • Blog Post: Edit and Continue vs. Einstein

    Continuing the discussion with Einstein , the prototypcial C++ developer. Einstein often creates software solutions to some pretty complex problems. He spends a lot of time trying thinking about different approaches to the problem, and tries to pick the best one. He knows the structure of his code...
  • Blog Post: Edit and Continue vs. Mort

    All this talk about E&C, I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about the personas. Ian has a good description of the personas we use when talking about Visual Studio users. There's a language correlation, too. VB primarily targets Mort, C# targets Elvis, and C++ targets Einstein. Mort Consider...
  • Blog Post: C# Edit & Continue vs. Refactoring

    Sean asks for it, and Andy blogs some of the thinking behind no E&C for C# . I really like using E&C when writing C++, and I know that VB users find it pretty valuable. Seems strange that we wouldn't have it for C#, yeah? When we talk about the different kind of users of VS, the VB users are...
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