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Script for enabling full IIS logging

Script for enabling full IIS logging

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Nothing overly fancy, but useful enough to warrant sharing.  This is something you can use to get your SharePoint farms set up to turn every IIS logging option on.  The good news is each web site in a MOSS farm shares the same web site ID, so it should be pretty easy to batch up:

Option Explicit

On Error Resume Next


Dim CmdLineArgs

Dim CurrSite

Dim CurrSiteObj


' Obtain all command line args

Set CmdLineArgs = WScript.Arguments.Named


' verify args

If (Not CmdLineArgs.Exists("SiteID")) Or _

   (Not CmdLineArgs.Exists("Server")) Then

Wscript.Echo "Error: Invalid number of command line arguments specified."


Wscript.Echo "Usage:  ""cscript FullLogging.vbs /Server:<ServerName> /SiteID:<WebsiteID>"""


End If


CurrSiteObj = "IIS://" & CmdLineArgs.Item("Server") & "/w3svc/" & CmdLineArgs.Item("SiteID")

Set CurrSite = GetObject(CurrSiteObj)

If Err.number <> 0 Then

        Wscript.Echo "Error querying IIS provider: " & CurrSiteObj

        Wscript.Echo "Error = " & Err.number & " - " & Err.Description


End If


CurrSite.LogExtFileDate             = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileHost             = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileTime             = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileClientIp         = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileUserName         = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileSiteName         = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileComputerName     = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileServerIp         = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileMethod           = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileUriStem          = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileUriQuery         = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileHttpStatus       = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileWin32Status      = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileBytesSent        = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileBytesRecv        = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileTimeTaken        = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileServerPort       = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileUserAgent        = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileCookie           = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileReferer          = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileProtocolVersion  = True

CurrSite.LogExtFileHttpSubStatus    = True



wscript.echo "Done!"

Set CurrSite = Nothing

Set CmdLineArgs = Nothing


Have fun.

Edit:  If you want to trim the log size down, do not enable the Cookie field, since this can cause the logs to grow rather large over time:

CurrSite.LogExtFileCookie           = False

Thanks, Todd.

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