I realized after returning from vacation recently, my Jawbone 2 was dead, and I have a conference call tomorrow that I must take from my car.  Of course, I left my charger at work, and since it doesn’t have any sort of standard USB connector on it (ala USB micro, because, well, that would be logical), I must come up with something…

I used an old CD spindle cover as a stand, then simply pushed two pushpins (mine happened to have black and red tips - SCORE!) through the top at the correct distance, then found some random items for the headset to sit on so the angle would be correct.  Voila!  It’s charging and will be ready by the time I wake up.  W00t!!


For the curious, in the picture above (click for larger), the positive lead is the right outermost pin, and the negative lead is the left outermost pin.

Necessity breeds innovation again (and by again, I am referring to my original Jawbone home-built charger, which I must say was more interesting)!

Warning:  I take no responsibility for any of YOUR actions that would lead to the destruction of anything at all, if you decide to attempt this DIY solution.