Those who think the phrase "Canadian innovation" is an oxymoron should keep an eye on what's happening with folks from the Great White North.

Recently, I've been syndicating a lot of feeds from fellow Canucks like me and I have to admit: I'm impressed. There's a lot of inspiring stuff floating around. Here's a list of some of the folks I'm currently reading:

This isn't everyone. In fact, I'm currently reading over 80 individual feeds from Canadians who live, eat and sleep tech. Please let me know if you're one of these people.

Yesterday, I posted another episode of Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) online: Joey deVilla on DemoCamp. This one features Joey deVilla - also known as "the Accordion Guy" from Toronto. During the interview, Joey chats about DemoCamp and all the stuff that's been happening in and around the GTA. Great stuff.

Finally, the folks from Under the Radar have started up the Canadian Tech Mob; a webring featuring the people of tech from Canada.