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April, 2006

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    Introducing the Core API

    The Core API is what made me so excited about the launch of Speech Server several months ago. Personally, I found it difficult to use either SALT or our speech controls to write an app. It just did not seem natural to me - when I look at graphical elements...
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    Introducing the Synthesizer

    In general in telephony apps, you will interact in two ways with the caller. 1) You will speak to the user, giving them information or instructions 2) You will ask the user for more information Of course, there are other methods of interaction...
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    VXML and SALT

    Finally, after a long period of silence I have something to talk about. Microsoft Speech Server 2007 has been announced publicly along with a number of the features it will ship with. You can find the full press release here . For me, the most interesting...
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    Introducing the managed debugger

    One of the most exciting features in Speech Server 2007 is the SDK. The SDK is dramatically improved over Speech Server R2 and contains several new tools and scores of new features. Some of the features I am still unable to discuss but one that I can...
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    Making outbound calls

    Today we are going to discuss making outbound calls using Microsoft Speech Server 2007. There are basically two types of calls in Speech Server - inbound calls and outbound calls. I discussed inbound calls in a previous post where I covered the Hello...
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