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  • Blog Post: How to track down the WMI error in OCS

    There are some product architectures created here at Microsoft that I am marvelled at with their simplicity, ease of use, and power. Unfortunately, I do not find WMI to be one of those architectures. With hope, some day we will have a sane replacement for WMI but in the meantime we still need to deal...
  • Blog Post: Where OCS finds data for WMI classes

    In yesterday's post, I discussed how knowledge of where the WMI provider retrieves its data is important when querying it. Today I thought I would provide a list of the WMI classes and where the data comes from for each. If you perform a lot of WMI querying in OCS, this list may be helpful. Note that...
  • Blog Post: Office Communications Server and WMI

    As many of you are likely aware, Office Communications Server (and previous versions) make use of WMI for storing various pieces of data. You can find details of the WMI classes that currently ship with OCS 2007 here . While this gives helpful information about what types of classes and properties are...
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