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  • Blog Post: My photography plan

    Yesterday I blogged about the plan that I have put together to help me reach the goals I have set for myself in life. Today I will discuss in more depth my photography plans. I’ve actually had a plan for my photography development for some time and I have made small and major changes at various times...
  • Blog Post: My life plan

    Recently I have formulated what I call a 'life plan' that basically specifies what I want to accomplish in my life and how I intend to get there. Currently there are four main areas that I intend to focus. 1) My work at Microsoft. Obviously I have career aspirations here and I need a plan to achieve...
  • Blog Post: Don't live your life through pauses

    I really only have a handful of phrases that I live my life by. Some of these I read in books, while others I have found the hard way. Today, I am going to pass one of these on to address a mistake that I have seen too many people make in their lives. As the world becomes even more high tech this issue...
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