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  • Blog Post: A short note about simulating unsupported engines

    I have received a number of replies concerning my posts on how to simulate unsupported languages using phonemes. I must apologize that the intention of the post was to show how to use a hack to get "some" support in cases where you need to recognize something in a language for which you do not have an...
  • Blog Post: How to approximate phonemes for a non supported language

    Yesterday I wrote about how to create a grammar for a language for which we do not have a recognition engine. The post ended with a question on how to best approximate the phonemes for a target word. As I mentioned yesterday, my first attempts at approximation led to very low confidence values. In order...
  • Blog Post: How to recognize languages for which there is no recognizer

    This is the first part of a two part post where I will tackle the problem of creating grammars in a target language for which no recognition engine exists. My goal was to create a simple GRXML grammar capable of recognizing a few phrases in Mandarin Chinese. Along the way, I ran into a number of pitfalls...
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