'Welcome one, welcome all'...

I guess that's my new intro to everything!  Like Frasier Crane "Go ahead, I'm listening".

2 items of note that I wanted to mention:

  1. Joe Rubino and I are conducting a series of 'Financial Services Industry Chats' podcasts that you (hopefully) may find of interest and value.  We are targeting recording these once a month or so;  they are intended to be conversational podcasts discussing technology, financial services, etc..  Primarily, we will be talking with other Microsoft folks who focus on Financial Services (and sometimes not), as well as customers, partners and almost anyone who doesn't mind being on the air and recorded!  We took a crack at an 'introduction' cast, wherein we talk about the format, frequency, who we are, what our team does, etc.  The link is below:

    I'd be REALLY interested in ANY feedback that you may have.  Please note, the file is 22mb, and runs about 24 minutes so be prepared.

    You can contact me directly or post a comment here.  Your choice!  :)   OH, and don't forget to listen to the BLOOPERS at the end of the recording!

  2. I'm hosting a quarterly 'Financial Services Industry Council' that will focus on (again) technology and how it relates to Financial Services.  I blogged about this on my last post along with the invitation.  I hope SOME of you registered based on that post, but I doubt it.  :)  I know, it takes a while to get off the ground.  The first one for this year will be held tomorrow in our NYC office and should prove to be a great event.

On a separate note, while I may not be quite as verbose as Dan Kasun, I'm still hoping some of you find value in these 'quick hits'...is there a term that describes what you do between a 'full blog' and a 'microblog'?  hmm...