First, a BIG thank you to David Isbitski and Daniel Chait (Lab 49) for presenting at last week's Financial Services Industry Council.  The speakers were excellent, the topics were interesting, and we gave away a bunch of cool prizes (then had drinks and food to boot!).  What could be better?

I also wanted to mention that Joe Rubino and I just finished our 2nd Financial Services Industry Chat cast.  In this episode, we interviewed Dan Chait (Lab 49) on who Lab49 is, what they do, and more importantly, what trends and interesting things are they seeing in the FS industry.  Dan provided a lot of insight, not only on data visualization and user experience on the trading floor, but also the data volume and type of trading that is more and more ubiquitous today.  Especially when it comes to things like data mining, algorithmic trading, and the like.  REALLY interesting stuff here...

We probably could have gone on for a few more hours, but we decided to cut it at about 40 minutes.  We will definitely have Dan back for follow-up discussions and maybe even a mini-series of sorts for chats...breaking something like algorithmic trading down into smaller steps like the types of servers needed, architecture, etc.. and do a trade lifecycle sort of series.  We'll have to work that out.

As always, I'm VERY interested in any feedback that you have so please feel free to drop us any comments either here on our blogs or to

Thanks and happy listening!