How many times have you called your cell phone carrier, or your cable provider and received an automated message to authenticate yourself (phone number, address, etc..)?  Then, the split second you get someone on the phone, they do what?  They ask for your telephone number, or name and address…pretty much the same exact information you just put in via your keypad!  But it continues, because more often than not, they will need to transfer you to someone else who then does what? They ask for your telephone number, name, address, etc..  I’ve had this happen to me up to 5-6 times on a single telephone call!

imageWhen you hear the term ‘Cross Channel Integration’, it might not be obvious that the problem I just described above is EXACTLY what that term is identifying.  In Financial Services (especially retail banking), this is a HUGE issue.  The banks know this is a customer satisfaction issue, but often times, from growing through acquisition, etc.. there are larger issues they need to think about (system integration, consistency of experience, etc..).  That’s where Microsoft comes in…In the link below, you will see (along with very bad acting) our vision of how your bank can create a SEAMLESS,  CONSISTENT, proactive experience that spans the Internet, ‘In Branch’, and finally the call center.

I’ve also provided a screenshot (above) in addition to the video so you can have a sneak peek.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

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