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  • Blog Post: Why can’t things be easier?

    How many times have you called your cell phone carrier, or your cable provider and received an automated message to authenticate yourself (phone number, address, etc..)?  Then, the split second you get someone on the phone, they do what?  They ask for your telephone number, or name and address...
  • Blog Post: Innovation/Showcase on Internet Explorer 8 and Silverlight 3

    Join us at Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 and Silverlight 3 Innovation Showcase where you can learn how IE8 & SL3 features deliver the best web experience for your users.  Register today to see what Innovation can do for you! During this showcase we will discuss how you can Expand your Business...
  • Blog Post: Learn new skills and differentiate yourself in today’s tough job market. Learn more.

    This week Microsoft is launching Thrive for developers. ( ) . Although the economic news is looking a little brighter, we know it’s still tough out there…. to help Microsoft has put together Thrive - a website  all about helping developers survive the recession and manage...
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