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April, 2004

  • Carter Maslan

    Know Good Matches for a “Dream” Job?

    Do you love helping companies change their industry with agenda-setting uses of software? Are you a voracious learner, devouring new technologies and industry trends with an unabashedly geeky enthusiasm? Can you quickly digest your learnings into pragmatic...
  • Carter Maslan

    Don't Outsource Your Brains

    I like a couple summary points in Moore ’s article today “ The Unattainable Real-Time Enterprise .” · “Unlike past generations of technology, today’s IT in and of itself is no longer a differentiator – what...
  • Carter Maslan

    New Concept Video: Longhorn for Manufacturing

    The Longhorn in Manufacturing demo highlights Avalon, Indigo and Fundamentals in plant floor operations, business intelligence, and system integration. The scenarios in the demo are based on early work with our partner Invensys Wonderware . Their innovative...
  • Carter Maslan

    This is not a Religion

    I run a Linux web server from home on an old Dell 266mhz/64mb clunker. It’s in a corner, headless, wireless, and always powered up to serve pictures and videos to my remote family. It works OK for the job. Even as a Microsoft evangelist, I don’t...
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