Carter Maslan

So what's so exciting?

June, 2004

  • Carter Maslan

    "Chalk-talk" on WSE 2.0

    This video is an old-school chalk-talk on WSE 2.0 ; it's a quick overview of how easy it is to add WS-Security headers to your Web Services. Two Regional Directors describe the WSE proxy class that takes care of encoding authentication credentials...
  • Carter Maslan

    The Man Behind the Curtain

    First I laughed, then I got scared, then I started thinking when I saw David's office as he's preparing for a keynote demo . Look at that picture. He's got to ship all those machines to the event just because we can't guarantee 100% that we'll have...
  • Carter Maslan

    New Concept Video: Longhorn for Higher Education

    This new Longhorn for Higher Education Demo Video includes scenarios in community interaction, shared annotations, interactive documents, and visualizations. I'm hoping my son's college experience is filled with materials like the ones we prototyped with...
  • Carter Maslan

    Why Developers are Great People

    As my teammates are scrambling late into the night to finish a prototype for tomorrow morning, I’m struck by why I love developers. We’re optimists at our core. I mean, have you ever met a developer that, committed to a vision of what’s...
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