First I laughed, then I got scared, then I started thinking when I saw David's office as he's preparing for a keynote demo.  Look at that picture.

He's got to ship all those machines to the event just because we can't guarantee 100% that we'll have a great broadband internet connection at the venue.  We don't worry about having electricity; when will we stop worrying about broadband?  Without that worry, we could leave all those servers and backup servers in the data center.

It's ironic, since the demo itself is all about Connected Systems and real-time Business Intelligence amidst the intermittent connectivity of people working in the field.  We're showcasing autonomous smart clients that operate offline and synchronize seamlessly as soon as network connections are restored.  And just because we can't count on the network 100% for the exact 12 minutes we're on stage, we're shipping all this equipment.