Since Jeff stayed up late getting ready for today's announcement of Windows Live, I thought I'd give gadgets a try.  Remembering back in the day at Inktomi when major portals were reluctant to allow a 3rd party to control anything other than a GIF file served up to a high traffic page, I'm a bit amazed that we're finally able to offer near total customization.  My first gadget is just a current map of Bay Area Traffic that refreshes itself every 60 seconds.  From the Windows Live sidebar, select "Add Content / Advanced Options / Add a Gadget by URL" using  The javascript source is derived from the Clock sample on


Gadget.BayAreaTrafficMap = function(p_elSource, p_args, p_namespace)


   Gadget.BayAreaTrafficMap.initializeBase(this, arguments);

   var mapHTML = '<img src="">';

   var legendHTML = '<img src="">';

   var objClock;

   function UpdateTraffic()


      p_elSource.innerHTML = "As of " + new Date() +

         "<BR>" + mapHTML +

         "<BR>" + legendHTML;


   this.initialize = function(p_objScope)


      Gadget.BayAreaTrafficMap.getBaseMethod(this, "initialize", "Web.Bindings.Base").call(this, p_objScope);


      objClock = setInterval(UpdateTraffic, 60000);


   this.dispose = function(p_blnUnload)


      Gadget.BayAreaTrafficMap.getBaseMethod(this, "dispose", "Web.Bindings.Base").call(this, p_blnUnload);




Gadget.BayAreaTrafficMap.registerClass("Gadget.BayAreaTrafficMap", "Web.Bindings.Base");