Carter Maslan

So what's so exciting?

June, 2006

  • Carter Maslan

    This is the future of SDKs

    The new Virtual Earth Interactive SDK does a great job making the platform discoverable and easy to use. The SDK is organized by the things you want to do , and each of those things is correlated to a live running sample, source code, and reference documentation...
  • Carter Maslan

    Better Search via Application Context

    Typing keywords into a search box is tedious – especially when most of the relevant search terms are staring you in the face in the application you’re using! For example, as we close the fiscal year, I’m reviewing budgets, purchase orders, invoices, and...
  • Carter Maslan

    WPF training agenda - from humility to awe

    Karsten's 5-day WPF training agenda looks great. Karsten has helped partners design and develop some of the best showcase applications, so I trust his editorial judgment.
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