Typing keywords into a search box is tedious – especially when most of the relevant search terms are staring you in the face in the application you’re using! For example, as we close the fiscal year, I’m reviewing budgets, purchase orders, invoices, and expense reports while correlating them with quarterly line item projections and cross-team charge agreements. All of these line of business apps should provide a simple search function based on the current state of the app.

Viewing a list of open purchase orders for a specific budget code?
Search all spreadsheet projections and email exchanges that reference that budget code.

Approving an invoice from a vendor?
Search my email exchanges with that vendor.

Confirming that a purchase order is using the right budget code?
Search the intranet for explanation of the budget codes associated with my cost center.

Etc, etc...

Jeremy posted five minute video explaining how to use Windows Vista Search from within your application. The video doesn’t illustrate the context-based search examples above, but at least it shows the simplicity of embedding search into your application.